Confession of Meditating #4 - REMIND YOURSELF OF THE WHY


IDEAL: Reaching a higher state of consciousness
REALITY: Helps me to deal with everyday life and be a calmer mum

Always come back to the why. Why am I doing this? What in my Sankalpa; or intention, of meditation. For me, this is not to reach a higher state of consciousness. Whilst that would be great, it would require solid time, energy and commitment. Something that is just not a priority in my life right now. My goal is just to have some time to work on me, my mind, my thought processes. To be a calmer, less serious mum and find a tool that helps me to approach life in a calm, positive and less reactive way, especially with toddlers.

The aim is not to stop all my thoughts, but rather try to detach from them a little. Remembering, I am not my thoughts. I always explain thoughts in meditation as like a train pulling into a station - don’t get on board, don’t judge or evaluate, don’t follow the thought. Just watch the thought from afar, watch the doors close, bring the focus back to the breath and watch it gently slip away.