What is Original Silence?


Original Silence embodies the yoga practice and teaching style of Lauren Fitzgerald. The classes are based on a Vinyasa Flow Yoga style - a dynamic practise where breath is used to link each movement and asana (yoga pose). This continuous flow encourages the body to heat, open and release both musculoskeletally as well as psychologically and physiologically. A major focus of each class is on alignment to protect the body and practise safely, especially if working with or recovering from injuries or trauma.

Each class is intelligently sequenced to move the energy through the body to open and release physical and emotional tension in a structured and safe way. It also biochemically calms the mind, leaving you with a feeling of holistic wellbeing upon leaving the class. 

People of any level and any background are welcome. As part of Original Silence, Lauren offers a range of teaching options and styles including: Vinyasa Power Flow, Slow Flow, Beginners and Restorative. These can be taught in a public class setting, privately or in a corporate environment. 

What does Original Silence mean?


The idea behind the name Original Silence was to encourage people to think about what those words mean to them. Try it. It is quite a mindful and calming exercise. To me, I imagine Original Silence as a place within us all, a place where the mind is quiet and not coloured by life experiences and emotions. A peaceful place one can return to at any time to take some time out to reflect on who they are and how they would like to exist in this world.

Philosophically, Original Silence is based on authenticity and honesty. The yoga practise is not only about the physical elements. Our yoga on the mat teaches us a lot about ourselves off the mat, it goes deeper. Yoga is a way of life, a way of perceiving the world and challenges we face. It is a way of behaving and observing, a way of letting go and releasing, a way of truly connecting the body and mind, a way of peeling back the layers that colour our soul and revealing that real you within.

You can read a full blog post about the meaning behind Original Silence here.



The Original Silence Teacher



Meet Lauren, the OS yogini. Based in Hampton, Melbourne, Lauren is a Level 1 500hr Vinyasa Power Flow qualified teacher. She trained and gained her qualifications at the renowned Moksha Yoga Academy in Melbourne. 

Having visited yoga studios all over Australia, New Zealand, India and the United Kingdom, she brings a wealth of knowledge, variety and creativity to her classes. Her music is meticulously chosen to take you on a journey that both delights the body, mind and soul. 

Her love of yoga began in India in 2014 where she travelled from north to south for 2 months. She fell in love with the country, the colours and the traditions. Upon concluding the trip, she stayed at an Ayurveda & Yoga Centre in the mountains of Kerala. Traditional Ayurvedic treatments were applied plus yoga, meditation, chanting and kirtan twice daily. Here she just scratched the surface of the ancient yogic beliefs sparking a keen interest and thirst to learn more.

Lauren has a corporate background in digital design & marketing and understands the challenges in the workplace well. The birth of her son in 2015 saw a new phase in life and a career change, hence yoga and motherhood has been her life since.  In 2017, she fell pregnant and became a qualified Prenatal Yoga Teacher. Her daughter was born in January 2018.




Public Classes (75 Mins)

Wednesdays @ Energize Wellness Studio, Oakleigh
9:30am - Gentle Flow / Restorative Yoga
11:00am - Slow Flow Yoga



Casual Class: $20
10 x Class Pack: $175
20 x Class Pack: $300

Private Classes (60 mins)

Here, the yoga class comes to you. It can be daunting to visit a studio or hard to find time when others depend on you. This can be a great option for those just starting out in yoga and needing some personalised guidance or perhaps those recovering from injury needing a customised class and specialised attention. Whatever it is, OS can help. Why not grab a few friends and split the cost between you? I can work out a package that works for you. Just say the word.



One-on-One: $99
2 - 8 people: $160
9 or more: $195

Corporate Classes (45 or 60 mins)

Are you interested in the wellness and holistic health of your staff? Are you looking to reduce staff sick days, offer an added incentive, boost morale or provide stress relief for your staff? Our Corporate Packages can help. Lauren, has worked in the corporate world for over 15 years so she understands the challenges and benefits of yoga in the workplace well. I can help you write a business case plus provide mats and props to bring the plethora of yoga benefits to your staff. 



Single class: $160
6 class pack: $140 per class
*Please contact us for more customised package deals


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